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A green card is also recognized as a perpetual residence card. This card is reliable identity proof that shows that an individual has the approval to permanently reside in the United States. Green card owners are also formally known as lawful permanent residents. According to the census in 2019, US has over thirteen million green card owners, and nine million of them are eligible to become a citizen of United States of America.

To acquire a Green card, you have to have a sponsor or an employment status in the US, which can be difficult to acquire. You have to go through multiple appointments to find a place in the eligibility list, as the state is now even more careful with whom it provides a green card. So, what can be the easier way of acquiring them? You can buy a green card with us.

We make the process of acquiring US green card online as simple as sending a single mail. You can visit our website to find our contact information to mail us to inquire about our services. We service almost every state in the US, so you don’t have to worry about the competence of our service. 

About a Resident Permit

A resident permit is an essential aspect of anyone who wants to have a home in a certain country. Resident permits come in a wide variety depending on the rules and regulations of the country you wish to acquire the permit. Residing without a permit can get you in trouble with the authorities and even penalties for several crimes.

Acquiring a residence permit can be difficult as you have to attend many interviews and fill up forms that inter-relate to provide you with permissions. The whole process also asks for many documents for verification purposes, and most of those documents do not go into use.

If you acquire a driver’s license after or before the residence permit makes no difference in some countries, it is still essential to show them in interviews. But you can avoid those tedious steps by sending a single mail to us. Because we can provide you with reliable residence permits for almost any country with the least possible inconvenience.

Can a Person be a Resident of Two Countries? 

Yes, you can be a resident of more than one country at once, as it is similar to applying for visas to travel to more than one country. But after you acquire the permanent residence of a certain country, you may have to prove the physical residence requirements to stay in that country for an extensive amount of time.

The process of getting a residence of any country is similar to each other in a lot of ways, but the rules might differ depending upon the economy and population. An individual should do thorough research before applying for a residential permit, or legal troubles may arise.

But if you want to skip the interview processes because you lack the time or certain documents, you can do so by getting a residence permit online. We can provide you real residence permits for almost any country on a global scale without any inconvenience. We make the complete process as easy as sending a single mail to our customer service officials.

What is a Resident Permit USA?

A residence permit in the USA is proof that an individual has permission to have a residence in a certain American state. You can apply for residence proof inside the USA in a similar way you apply for a visa. You will also have to attend several interviews to find a good spot inside any state, and there is always a chance to fail.

Your residence permit has information about the state you will be residing at, making a significant difference in your residential conditions. The tax properties of every state differ according to the type of society that lives there, and they also have to follow different rules.

So, you should make sure that you are ready for the shift before applying for a permanent residence, as you will have to face a lot of challenges. The complications end after a certain period, and you will be freely staying in the USA without government officials knocking at your door.

What is a Resident Visa?

A resident visa is a permit to reside in a particular country until you get a residence permit in the country as well. You have to fill forms to apply for a residential visa, and the term lasts for a limited time. The visa requires you to have proof of employment or a sponsor who will provide proof of residence and identity to the officials.

The proof of residence is for a limited time, and the applicant will fail the test if they leave for an extended time within the limit. The visa is essential for every immigrant who enters the state searching for a career or moving with family. It is easy to apply for a residential visa if you have sponsors or employment.

An individual can also avail residential visa after they finish searching for a job. But that individual will have to enter the state on a work visa temporarily. After a certain period, the work visa turns into a temporary resident visa. And after another period, you will be eligible for permanent residence in the country.

How do I Apply for a Green Card?

To apply for a green card in the US, you will have to fall in the eligibility criteria according to the lists of governmental associations. You can be eligible for a green card through family, employment, special immigration, refugee, crime and abuse victim, registry, and other categories.

You can become a US citizen if you are a spouse, have a child with, or are a parent of a US citizen. The citizen should be over twenty-one years of age to allow the parents eligibility for citizenship.

You can also get citizenship if you are an immigrant worker in the US, with extraordinary science, arts, business, education, or athleticism. You are also eligible for citizenship if you are an unskilled worker with more than two years of training experience.

Religious workers come in special immigration status inside the US, and they need association with a spiritual non-profit organization. A refugee in the US who registers for more than a year is also eligible for citizenship in the states.

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